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Name:Karla DiGlacia
Name: Karla
Fandom: Black Jewels Series
Big Sib: Sam Winchester
Little Sibs: Chuck Bartowski, Claudia Donovan, Denise Mahoney, Jane Lane, Leo Valdez, Peter Wiggin
Voicemail: 555-BWDW
Class: Junior
Age: 17
Living Arrangements: Room 218, with Gabrielle of Poteidaia

Summer 2011, Session 1: Westlife Cabin, room B4 with Raven
Summer 2010, Session 2: Toffee, room B4 with Triela
Summer 2010, Session 1: Alligator, room B3 with Emma Frost
Summer 2009, Session 2: Wendy the Werewolf Stalker Cabin, room A2 with Emma Frost.
Summer 2009, Session 1: Rutherford B. Hayes Cabin, room B2 with Morgana.

Mun e-mail: shadowravyn at yahoo dot com

Summer 2011 Workshop Schedule, Session Two
Social Activism, Monday Period 1, Miss Hermione Granger, Witch
Cooking for Beginners (And Not-So-Beginners), Monday Period 3, Captain Steve "America" Rogers
How To Avoid Misadventure, Monday Period 4, Alistair & Morrigan

Summer 2011 Workshop Schedule, Session One
Childcare for Idiots, Thursday Period 1, Vice-Principal & Anti-Hero Deadpool
Care and Feeding of Hirelings, Thursday Period 2, Captain James Hook
Creative Writing, Thursday Period 3, Kuraku Shunsui

Spring 2011 Class Schedule (Sophomore Year)
Teamwork 101 (TA), Monday Period 1, Reno of the Turks & Genesis Rhapsodos, SOLDIER 1st Class
The Science of Sexuality, Monday Period 3, Dr. John Watson & Detective Sherlock Holmes
Fighting with Powers, Monday Period 4, Centurion Antillar Maximus
The Science of Psionics, Wednesday Period 2, Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan
What Not to Do in a Fight, Wednesday Period 3, Lady Ghanima Atreides & Vice Principal Deadpool
Home Economics, Wednesday Period 4, Captain Steve Rogers
Nation Building and the Origin of Government (TA), Thursday Period 5, Professor Alex Cabot
Dealing With Idiots, Friday Period 4, Professor Edmund Blackadder

Fall 2010 Class Schedule (Sophomore Year)
Macro-Tactics, Monday Period 1, Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan
An Overview of Personal Weapond, Monday Period 2, Centurion Antillar Maximus
Around the World in 15 Weeks, Monday Period 3, Bond, James Bond
Unconventional Tactics, Tuesday Period 1, Reno of the Turks
Canada Is Not That Strange (And Other Biases), Wednesday Period 1, Constable Benton Fraser
So You Say You Want a Revolution, Wednesday Period 2, Spymaster Alianne of Pirate's Swoop
Cultural Appreciation, Wednesday Period 3-4, Lady Ghanima Atriedes
What It Takes to Be a Badass, Friday Period 1, Loki, Foul-Mouthed Ex-Angel of Death

Summer 2010 Workshop Schedule, Session Two
Practical Crisis Problem Solving, Tuesday Period 3, The Doctor
Leadership for Social Chance, Tuesday Period 7, Dr. Horrible
Heroes v Villains, Wednesday Period 1, Loki, Foul-Mouthed Ex-Angel of Death
Carpe Diem: Making Your Lives Extraordinary, Wednesday Period 4, Professor Drake Demon
Pen Is Mighter, Thursday, Period 1, Professor Richard Castle
Battlefield Tactics, Thursday Period 2, Lieutenant Sarah Kerrigan
Seld-Defense and Kick-Assery, Thursday Period 3, Slayer Faith Lehane
Dating, Hooking Up, and Sex, Friday Period 3, Hunter Dean Winchester
First Aid, Friday Period 5, Professor Hawkeye Pierce
Cons and Confidence: How Not to Get Taken, Friday Period 6, Princess Magda of Slovenia Sophie Deveraux

Summer 2010 Workshop Schedule, Session One
Rookiehood 101, Tuesday Period 3, Reno of the Turks
Magic of Baking, Wednesday Period 3, Professor Alysha Gale
Romance 101, Wednesday Period 4, Professor Drake Demon
Anatomy of a Trial (TA), Thursday Period 4, Professor Alex Cabot

Spring 2010 Class Schedule (Freshman Year)
World Mythology, Monday Period 2, Lady Ghanima Atreides
Magical Ethics, Tuesday Period 1, Professor Gale
Concepts of Law and Justice (TA), Tuesday Period 4, Professor Alex Cabot
People Suck Except When They Don't, Thursday Period 2, Loki, Foul-Mouthed Ex-Angel of Death

Fall 2009 Class Schedule (Freshman Year)
Fandom Vs. The Real World, Tuesday Period 2, Professor Aeryn Sun
Sex Through the Ages, Tuesday Period 3, Capt. Nathan Algren & Capt. James T. Kirk
Adventures in Literature, Wednesday Period 3, Professor Drake Demon
Ethics, Thursday Period 1, Master Professor Anakin Skywalker

Summer 2009 Workshop Schedule, Session Two
Destiny and Free Will, Monday Period 4, Lady Ghanima Atreides
Practical Weaponry, Wednesday Period 4, Bond, James Bond
Surviving Deep Space, Thursday Period 3, Professor Arnold J. Rimmer
Basic Sword Skills, Thursday Period 4, Centurion Antillar Maximus

Summer 2009 Workshop Schedule, Session One
Spy Games, Monday Period 5, Professor Sarah Walker
Sexual Anthropology, Tuesday Period 2, Dr. Temperance Brennan
Culture Shock, Thursday Period 2, Captain Nathan Algren
Etiquette, Thursday Period 3, Miss Elizabeth Bennet

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